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C. 解析:do harm do 意为“对

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Our boat floated on between walls of forest. It was too thick for us to get a view of the land we were passing through, though we knew from the map that our river must be passing through chains of hills from time to time. Nowhere did we find a place where we could have landed: although the jungle did not actually spread right down into the river, banks of soft mud prevented us from going ashore. In any case, what would we have gained by landing? The country was full of snakes and other dangerous creatures and the jungle was so thick that one would be able to advance slowly, cutting one's way with knives the whole way. So we stayed in the boat, hoping that when we reached the sea, a friendly fisherman would pick us up and take us to civilization.

As for water, there was a choice. We could drink the muddy river water, or die of thirst. We drank the water. Men who have just escaped from what appeared to be certain death lost all worries about such small things as diseases caused by dirty water. In fact, none of us suffered from any illness as a result.

One day we passed another village, but fortunately nobody saw us. We did not wish to risk being taken prisoners a second time: we might not be so lucky as to escape in a stolen boat again.

1.What they could see on the boat was only___ .

A. high walls         B. chains of hills  C. heavy woods D. vast land

2.They couldn't land because_______ .

A. the mud on the shore was too soft      B. they could not find anyone

C. they could not find the mark on the map D. the forest was too thick to go through

3.From the passage, we can learn that_____ .

A. they were in an uninhabited area       B. they were on a journey home happily

C. the country was a civilized society    D. the country was a tropical jungle coutry

4.The best title for this passage might he______

A. I he Problem of Landing                B. Escape in the Jungle

C. An Entirely New Experience            D. Exploration of a River










18【题文】If you travel to a new exhibition at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, you will have chances to see some meat-eating plants. Take bladderworts, a kind of such plant, for example. They appear so small and grow in a quiet pond. "But these are the fastest known killers of the plant kingdom, able to capture a small insect in 1/50 of a second using a trap door!"

Once the trap door closes on the victim, the enzymes (酶)similar to those in the human stomach slowly digest the insert. When dinner is over, the plant opens the trap door and is ready to trap again.

Meat-eating plants grow mostly in wet areas with soil that doesn't offer much food nutrition. In such conditions, these amazing plants have developed insect traps to get their nutritional needs over thousands of years. North America has more such plants than any other continents.

Generally speaking, the traps may have attractive appearance to fool the eye, like pitcher plants, which get their name because they look like beautiful pitchers full of nectar (花蜜).

Hair-like growths along the pitcher walls ensure that nothing can escape, and the digestive enzymes can get to work. A tiny insect can be digested in a few hours, but a fly takes a couple of days.

Some of these pitchers are large enough to hold 7.5 liters. Meat-eating plants only eat people in science fiction movies, but sometimes a bird or other small animals will discover that a pitcher plant isn't a good place to get a drink.

9.From Paragraph 1,we learn that bladderworts can__ .

A. kill an insect in a second         B. digest a fly in a few hours

C. be found floating on a quiet lake  D. capture an insect in 1/50 of a second

10.If the trap door of a meat-eating plant is closed, the plant is

A. fooling insects into taking a sip  B. producing nectar

C. tempting insects to come close     D. enjoying a dinner

11.Meat-eating plants can grow in wet and poor soil because they    .

A. can get nutrition from animals     B. don't need much food nutrition

C. can make the most of such conditions    D. have developed digestive enzymes

12.What can be captured by meat-eating plants for food?

A. A child. B. A dog.   C. A little bird.   D. A little fish.









19【题文】You know Australia is a big country, but you may not know how easy it is to get around. The untouched beaches that go for miles and deserts that touch the horizon are just there, waiting to be reached and explored. The following are the different ways you can explore our vast country.

Getting around Australia


Flying is the best way to cover large distances in a short time. You can spend more time on the Australia's can't-miss landscapes and relaxing lifestyle. Moreover, competition among airlines makes great flying fees available for you.


Australia has a vast network of well-maintained roads and some of the most beautiful touring routes in the world. You have no difficulty finding car rental companies at major airports, central city locations, suburbs and attractions.


Bus travel in Australia is comfortable , easy and economical. Buses generally have air conditioning, reading lights, adjustable seats and videos. Services are frequent, affordable and efficient.


Train travel is the cheapest and gives you an insight into Australia's size and variety, all from the comfort of your carriage. Scheduled services are a great way to get quickly between our cities and regional centers.

Ferry (轮渡)

The Spirit of Tasmania runs a passenger and vehicle ferry service between Melbourne and Tasmania nightly. Extra sen ices are running during summer rush hours. Sea-link ferries connect South Australia and Kangaroo Island several times a day. Ferries connect suburbs in our capital cities.


With easy-on-the-feet pedestrian.(行人)streets, walking is a great way to get around our cities.

Besides all the above, you can also experience some of the longest: tracks and trails in the world in central Australia——impressive journeys of a thousand kilometers or more that can take several weeks to complete.

17.The underlined word "untouched" in Paragraph 1 means__ .

A. secure         B. special          C. natural          D. artificial

18.Which of the following is true about travelling in Australia?

A.   You can easily rent a car to explore its beautiful touring routes.

B.  More travellers make the flying fees among airlines higher than before.

C.  Taking a bus tour is the most comfortable, economical and efficient way.

D.  Train services can offer you more comfort than any other means of transport,

19.Ferry service between Melbourne and Tasmania usually runs_ •

A. several times a day                B. only at night hours

C. between different cities           D. only during rush hours

20.From the passage, we know that_____ .

E.   travelling in central Australia is time-consuming

F.   central Australia has the world's shortest railway line

G.  pedestrian walking is a great way to travel between cities

H.  you have no choice but to walk over 1,000 kilometers in central Australia








20【题文】BUKHANNON, West Virginia~~Two rescue teams slowly moved along a two—mile path on Monday night to the site of a coal mine explosion that trapped 13 miners, who had not been heard from since the early morning accident.

Meanwhile, at a nearby church, more than 250 family members and friends gathered, waiting for updates on the rescuers' progress.

The miners were trapped at about .6:30 and many families weren't informed of the accident until about 10 a.m.~~more than three hours after it happened. "It's very upsetting, but you've got to be patient, I guess," said John Helms, whose brother, Terry, was trapped in the mine.

The trapped miners were about 260 fee underground and about 10,000 feet from the Sago Mine's entrance, said Roger Nicholson, a lawyer from International Coal Group.

At a late night news conference, Nicholson said one team had advanced about 4, 800 feet in the four hours since entering the mine just before 6 p.m. Another team entered the mine about 30 minutes later.

He said the crew was very experienced, with some members having worked underground for 30 to 35 years. The miners were equipped with al>out one hour of breathable oxygen each. The company has not released the names of the miners.

The teams test the air about every 500 feet, and have to disconnect the power to the phones they use to communicate with the surface before doing that. "We don't want to be electrifying anything if it's in an atmospfiere with hurnahle gases," Kips said.

The cause of the explosion was not immediately known. High levels of carbon monoxide ( 一氧化物) were discovered shortly after the explosion, which delayed rescue efforts, but those levels have weakened since then, authorities said.

25.According to the passage, we ran infer that_ .

I.     communication with the trapped miners was cut off

J.    the rescue started as soon as the accident happened

K.  the two rescue teams entered the mine at the same time

L.   all the miners who were trapped underground were still alive

26.If the first team advanced at an average speed, they could dig about______per hour.

A. 1,000 feet         B. 1,200 feet       C. 2,400 feet       D. 4,800 feet

27.Where ran the passage he seen?

A. Iii a magazine.    B. In a science hook. C. On an advertisement. D. In a newspaper.









You wake up in the morning, the day is beautiful and the plans for the day are what you have been looking forward to for a long time. Then the telephone rings, you say hello, and the drama starts. The person on tbe other end has a depressing tone in his voice as he starts to tell you how terrible his morning is and that there is nothing to look forward to. Are you still in a wonderful mood? Impossible!

Communieating with negative people can wash out your happiness. It may not change what you think, but communicating long enough with them will make you feel depressed for a moment or a long time.

Life brings ups and downs, but some people are stuck in the wrong idea that life has no happiness to offer. They only feel glad when they make others feel bad. No wonder they can hardly win others' pity or respect.

When you communicate with positive people, your spirit stays happy and therefore more positive things are attracted. When the knife of a negative person is put in you, you have the heavy feeling that, all in all, brings you down.

Sometimes we have no choice but to communicate with negative people. This could be a co-worker, or a relative. In this case, say what needs to be said as little as possible. Sometimes it feels good to let out your anger back to the negative person, but this is to lower you to that same negative level and they won't feel ashamed of themselves about that.

Negativity often affects happiness without even being realized. The negative words of others at the start of the day can be attached to you throughout the rest of your day, which makes you feel bad and steals your happiness. Life is too short to feel negative. Stay positive and avoid negativity as much as possible.

31. Which of the following shows the position where the miners were trapped? (E: entrance P: position where the miners were trapped)

32.The purpose of Paragraph 1 is to____ .

A. make a comparison                  B. introduce a topic

C. offer an instructive story         D. tell a true story

33.How can negative people have effect on us?

A. By influencing our emotion.        B. By telling us the nature of life.

C. By changing our way of thinking.   D. By comparing their attitude to life with ours.

34.Some negative people base their happiness on —.

A. their pity for other people        B. their respect for others '

C. building up a positive attitude    D. making other people unhappy 35.According to the passage, to reduce negative people's influence on us, we are advised.

A.  to change negative people's attitude to life

B.  to show our dissatisfaction to negative people

C.  to make negative people feel as hamed of themselves

D.  to communicate with negative people as little as possible

    . 【答案】36.A37.B38.A39.D40.D









请认真阅读下面对话,并根据各题所给首字母的提示,在答题卡上标有题目的横线上,写出一 个英语单词的完整、正确的形式,使对话通顺。

M=Mike       W=Wendy

.M: I'd like to 41.d_ something with you. Do you have a minute?       42. ______

W: Sure. I just got off my eleven o'clock class. I don't have another class until this afternoon.

M: Good, listen! I've just 43.r ‘ an e-mail from the computer center. They are                     44. ______

looking for students to help with the work of the school website this summer.

They need two 45.a____ to help with the project. They asked me if I knew                46. ______

any qualified students who might be 47.i  in it. I thought you might like           48. ______

to have a 49.t___ .                                                                                                         50. ______

W: 51.S______ interesting, but my knowledge of computers is         52.______

53.p______ limited.                                                54. ______ —

M: Well, I don't think any 55.s experience or knowledge is necessary.   56. ______

And with your interest in computers and the Internet, I think you would be good

for the job. 57.B___ , they are paying good money. What do you think?                       58.______.

W: It seems like a great 59. c______to get some experience. Thanks for thinking                   60. ______

of me!



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